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The Best Craft Beers on Tap in Las Vegas

The Best Craft Beers on Tap in Las Vegas

Aces & Ales Current Tap List: 
Tap list and pricing is subject to change.
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1  Alaskan  Amber AleRB|BA
Amber Ale 5.3%Juneau, AK 
2  Lagunitas  SucksRB|BA
Imperial IPA 8%Petaluma, CA Just Tapped!
3  New Belgium  La FolieRB|BA
Sour Ale 7%Fort Collins, CO 
4  Ommegang  Hennepin RB|BA
Saison 7.7%Cooperstown, NY 
5  Stone  Pale Ale 2.0RB|BA
Pale Ale 6%Escondido, CA Just Tapped!
6  Big Dog's  Peace, Love, and HoppinessRB|BA
Pale Ale 6.4%Las Vegas, NV 
7  Woodchuck  Belgian White CiderRB|BA
Hard Cider w/Belgian Ale Yeast5.5%Proctorsville, VT 
8  Bad Beat  Ante UpRB|BA
Amber Ale 5.7%Henderson, NV 
9  Pizza Port (Solana Beach)  Smoked ChronicRB|BA
Amber Ale 4.9%Solana Beach 
10  Firestone Walker  Pivo PilsRB|BA
Hoppy Pilsner - Hops (Magnum,Spalter,Saphir)5.3%Paso Robles, CA 
11  Alpine  Captain StoutRB|BA
Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 6%Alpine, CA Just Tapped!
12  Humboldt  500 BCRB|BA
Imperial IPA - Hops (Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, CTZ)8.3%Paso Robles, CA 
13  Epic  Brainless on CherriesRB|BA
Belgian Strong Ale w/ Cherries - Barrel Aged (Oak)11%Salt Lake City, UT 
14  Ballast Point  Grapefruit SculpinRB|BA
IPA w/ Grapefruit7%San Diego, CA Just Tapped!
15  The Bruery  Trade WindsRB|BA
Tripel 8%Placentia, CA Just Tapped!
16  Under The Rose  dubbelbeerRB|BA
Belgian Dubbel 6.5%Reno, NV 
17  Sierra Nevada  HoptimumRB|BA
Double IPA 10.4%Chico, CA Just Tapped!
18  Uinta  '12 Cockeyed CooperRB|BA
Barleywine - Barrel Aged (Bourbon)11.1%Salt Lake City, UT 
19  Crafthaus  ResinateRB|BA
IPA 6.5%Las Vegas, NV Just Tapped!
20  Goose Island  Summer AleRB|BA
American Pale Ale 4.9%Chicago, IL Just Tapped!


1  Stone  Winter HarvestRB|BA
Belgian Strong Pale Ale w/Stone Farms Merlot Grapes - Barrel Aged (Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay)11.3%Escondido, CA 
2  Firestone Walker  Pivo PilsRB|BA
Hoppy Pilsner - Hops (Magnum,Spalter,Saphir)5.3%Paso Robles, CA Just Tapped!
3  Stone  Matt's Burning RosidsRB|BA
Smoked Imperial Saison w/ apple and cherry blossom10.5%Escondido, CA 
4  Firestone Walker  Wookey JackRB|BA
Unfiltered Black Rye IPA 8.3%Paso Robles, CA Just Tapped!
5  Stone  '14 Imperial Russian StoutRB|BA
Russian Imperial Stout 10.6%Escondido, CA 
6  Stone  Reason Be DamnedRB|BA
Belgian-Style Pale Ale w/Stone Farms Passion Fruit - Barrel Aged (Red Wine)8.3%Escondido, CA 
Imperial Porter w/ Calendula, Jasmine, Avocado Honey9.6%Escondido, CA 
8  Stone  Cali-BelgiqueRB|BA
Belgian IPA - Barrel Aged (White Wine)8.8%Escondido, CA 
9  Woodchuck  GumptionRB|BA
Hard Cider 5.5%Proctorsville, VT 
10  Stone  Cali-BelgiqueRB|BA
Belgian Style IPA 6.9%Escondido, CA 
11  Coronado  Stupid StoutRB|BA
Imperial Stout 9%San Diego, CA Just Tapped!
12  Green Flash  30th St Pale AleRB|BA
Pale Ale 6%San Diego, CA Just Tapped!
13  Goose Island  SofieRB|BA
Saison - Barrel Aged (white wine)6.5%Chicago, IL 
14  Stone  Vertical Epic 12.12.12RB|BA
Belgian Ale w/ spices9.4%Escondido, CA 
15  Stone/Wicked Weed/Ecliptic  Points Unknown IPARB|BA
Double IPA w/Red Wine/Tequila BA Tripel9%Escondido, CA 
16  Unibroue  Blanche De ChamblyRB|BA
Witbier 5%Chambly, Quebec 
17  Stone  IPARB|BA
American IPA - Hops (Columbus, Chinook, Centennial)6.9%Escondido, CA 
18  Unibroue  La Fin Du MondeRB|BA
Belgian Tripel 9%Chambly, Quebec 
19  Anderson Valley  The Kimmie, The Yink & The Holy GoseRB|BA
20  Stone  '14 Old GuardianRB|BA
Barleywine 11.6%Escondido, CA 
21  Stone  15th Anniversary Escondidian RB|BA
Imperial Black IPA 10.8%Escondido, CA 
22  Stone  '15 Imperial Russian StoutRB|BA
Russian Imperial Stout 10.6%Escondido, CA 
23  Stone  ArbalestRB|BA
Belgian-Style Pale Ale - Barrel Aged (Bourbon)8.5%Escondido, CA 
24  Alaskan  Imperial Rye (Pilot Series)RB|BA
Imperial Rye IPA 8.5%Juneau, AK 
25  Stone  Smoked Porter w/ Orange and ChocolateRB|BA
Smoked Porter w/ Chocolate and Orange Peel5.9%Escondido, CA 
26  Pizza Port (Ocean Beach)  Team CretinsRB|BA
Amber Ale 4.5%San Diego, CA Just Tapped!
27  Lagunitas  Little Sumpin' WildRB|BA
Belgian Style IPA 8.8%Petaluma, CA Just Tapped!
28  Alaskan  Amber AleRB|BA
Amber Ale 5.3%Juneau, AK 
29  Stone  '13 Double BastardRB|BA
American Strong Ale 11.2%Escondido, CA 
30  Unibroue  Ephemere CeriseRB|BA
White Ale w/ Cherries5.5%Chambly, Quebec Just Tapped!
31  Unibroue  Trois PistolesRB|BA
Belgian Strong Ale 9%Chambly, Quebec 
32  Ballast Point  NavigatorRB|BA
Doppelbock 8.9%San Diego, CA Just Tapped!
33  Stone  Pale Ale 2.0RB|BA
Pale Ale 6%Escondido, CA 
34  Unibroue  Éphémère Green AppleRB|BA
Witbier w/ Apple Must5.5%Chambly, Quebec 
35  Stone  '11 Belgo Anise IRSRB|BA
Belgian Imperial Stout 10.5%Escondido, CA 
36  Stone  Chai-Spiced Imperial Russian StoutRB|BA
Russian Imperial Stout 11%Escondido, CA 
37  Stone  Mixtape Vol. 10 - Blend From Another PlanetRB|BA
Belgian Golden Strong w/Montgomery Sour Cherries - Barrel Aged (Bourbon and Red Wine)8.6%Escondido, CA 
38  Rogue  XS I2PARB|BA
Imperial IPA 9.5%Newport, OR Just Tapped!
39  Stone  Mutt Brown AleRB|BA
Imperial Brown Ale 9%Escondido, CA 
40  The Brewing Lair  Ambush IPARB|BA
American IPA 7.3%Blairsden, CA 
41  Stone  Stochasticity Project QuadratriticaleRB|BA
Quadrupel w/Triticale10%Escondido, CA 
42  Stone  Arrogant BastardRB|BA
American Strong Ale 7.2%Escondido, CA 
43  Stone  Tiger Cub SaisonRB|BA
Saison - Barrel Aged (White Wine)7.7%Escondido, CA 
44  Stone  Stochasticity Project HibiscusicityRB|BA
Belgian Strong Ale 7.4%Escondido, CA 
45  Stone  Stochasticity Project HiFi+LoFi MixtapeRB|BA
Stock Ale - Barrel Aged (Oak Foudres)- Hops (Apollo, UK Target & Willamette)8.5%Escondido, CA 
46  Stone: Liberty Station  Cimmerian PortalRB|BA
Export Stout 7.2%San Diego, CA 
47  Cismontane  Black's DawnRB|BA
Imperial Stout Brewed with coffee, brown sugar, and oats.8%Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Just Tapped!
49  Unibroue  RaftmanRB|BA
Whisky Malt Ale 5.5%Chambly, Quebec 
50  Deschutes  Red ChairRB|BA
Northwest Pale Ale 6.2%Bend, OR Just Tapped!

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